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Unveiling Tradition and Technology: The Kanetsune KC-930 Aogami No.2 Damascus Kurouchi Review

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The Kanetsune KC-930, featuring Aogami No.2 steel and a Damascus Kurouchi finish, is a knife that beautifully merges traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and functionality. Here’s a detailed review of this exquisite piece:

Blade Quality and Material:

At the heart of the KC-930 lies the Aogami No.2 steel, known for its superior edge retention, durability, and ability to achieve a razor-sharp edge. This high-carbon steel core is encased in layers of softer stainless steel, creating a striking Damascus pattern that is not only beautiful but also functional, providing added strength and flexibility to the blade.

Kurouchi Finish:

The knife boasts a Kurouchi, or “blacksmith’s finish,” which is a traditional, rustic look that reduces reflectivity and helps protect the carbon steel core from rust and corrosion. This finish gives each knife a unique, artisanal appearance, reflecting the individual craftsmanship that goes into its creation.


True to the reputation of Kanetsune and the capabilities of Aogami No.2 steel, the KC-930 is incredibly sharp, making it a pleasure to use for precision cutting tasks. The edge is keenly honed, allowing for thin slicing and meticulous chopping with ease.

Handle Design:

The handle is crafted to complement the traditional aesthetic of the knife while ensuring modern ergonomics. It is designed for comfort and control, providing a secure grip that enhances the cutting experience, making the knife an extension of the chef’s hand.

Balance and Weight:

The Kanetsune KC-930 is well-balanced, with a weight distribution that makes it feel both substantial and agile. This balance facilitates precise control over the blade, reducing fatigue during prolonged use and enabling intricate cuts.

Durability and Maintenance:

With proper care, including regular sharpening on a high-quality whetstone and protection from moisture and acidity, the KC-930 can maintain its exceptional performance for years. The Damascus and Kurouchi finishes not only add to the knife’s aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its longevity.


While designed with traditional Japanese cuisine in mind, the Kanetsune KC-930’s sharpness and size make it versatile for a range of culinary tasks, from slicing vegetables to preparing meats and fish.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The combination of the Damascus pattern and Kurouchi finish makes this knife a standout piece in any kitchen. It is a functional work of art that embodies the fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary design.

In conclusion, the Kanetsune KC-930 Aogami No.2 Damascus Kurouchi is a remarkable knife that offers professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts a perfect blend of form, function, and tradition. Its superior materials, craftsmanship, and performance make it a valuable and beautiful tool in the culinary arsenal.