Kanetsune KC-940 VG1 Stainless Hammered Knife: A Blend of Precision, Beauty, and Durability

Kanetsune KC-940 VG1 Stainless Hammered Knife: A Blend of Precision, Beauty, and Durability

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In the realm of premium cutlery, the Kanetsune KC-940 VG1 Stainless Hammered knife stands out as a testament to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary materials. Produced by Kanetsune, a brand renowned for its dedication to the art of knife making, this model encapsulates the essence of Japanese cutlery with its exceptional quality and design. This review explores the unique features, performance, and maintenance of the KC-940, highlighting why it is a must-have for both professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

Unique Features

VG1 Stainless Steel Blade: The core of the Kanetsune KC-940 knife is made from VG1 stainless steel, a material prized for its high carbon content, which contributes to the blade’s superior sharpness, edge retention, and ease of sharpening. This steel ensures that the knife not only performs exceptionally well but also withstands the rigors of daily use.

Hammered Finish: The blade features a beautiful hammered (“Tsuchime”) finish, a traditional technique that not only adds to the knife’s aesthetic appeal but also has a practical function. The dimples created by the hammering process help to reduce drag and prevent food from sticking to the blade, making slicing smoother and more efficient.

Ergonomic Handle Design: The Kanetsune KC-940 is equipped with a handle that combines both traditional aesthetics and modern ergonomics. Made from high-quality materials, the handle ensures comfort and control during use, allowing for precise cuts and reducing hand fatigue over extended periods.


The Kanetsune KC-940 VG1 Stainless Hammered knife excels in a variety of kitchen tasks, from fine slicing to dicing and chopping. Its sharp edge glides through ingredients with minimal effort, preserving the texture and integrity of the food. The balance between the blade and handle enhances its performance, making it a versatile tool for both delicate and demanding tasks in the kitchen.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and performance of the Kanetsune KC-940, proper care and maintenance are essential:

Hand Washing: It is recommended to hand wash the knife with warm, soapy water and dry it immediately to maintain the integrity of the steel and handle.
Regular Sharpening: Keeping the blade sharp is crucial for optimal performance. Sharpening with a whetstone when necessary will preserve the knife’s edge.
Proper Storage: Storing the knife in a block, on a magnetic strip, or in a protective sheath will protect its edge and finish.

The Kanetsune KC-940 VG1 Stainless Hammered knife is a remarkable tool that embodies the spirit of traditional Japanese craftsmanship while embracing the benefits of modern steel. Its combination of beauty, durability, and performance makes it an invaluable asset in any kitchen. Whether you are a professional chef seeking precision in your culinary creations or a home cook passionate about cooking, the KC-940 is a knife that will elevate your cooking experience to new heights.